January 15, 2006

venus in retrograde

if there's one thing i don't dig, it's spirituality. i know, for some folks this is midpoint between jesus freak and heathen. i know for lots, it's a cop out. i've heard it a million times, "i'm not so much religious, but i'm a deeply spiritual person." huh?

getting my nails done and everything is awry. beej leans over and kind of whispers to me, "well, venus is in retrograde, i wouldn't make any sudden moves."

"what the fuck does that mean?"

"it means that a scorpio woman has no business making waves with venus in retrograde"

oh, whatever..i'll get right on that

so, is that what it means to be spiritual? i don't really know. i think trusting the word of god delivered via prophets seems a lot less hokey when you compare it to the science of man. but perhaps it's just me. afterall, i'm a scorpio woman and i really don't give a fuck what the stars say, i'm starting some shit. call me when the dust settles.

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