December 12, 2005

49 and more useless info

no, i don't meme. not usually. but i got hit with two this morning and they are from opposite ends of the country, and i love these bloggers, so i'll play along.

first, from grandpa pinhead, the 7 X 7:

Seven things to do before i die
1. fly to katmandu and lay my sweet greens on mt. everest
2. hone some organizational skills, i have none
3. see my sons graduate from college
4. work overseas
5. take one of the top spots in the corporate hierarchy, then make em all regret it
6. learn to play the guitar
7. manage more money than any other financial institution in my county

Seven things i can not do
1. skydive
2. put a dog down (again)
3. be a supermodel, hell, i can't even be a girly girl
4. plastic surgery, i am what i am, no matter how scary
5. a pull up, not even one, in my whole fucking life
6. relocate for a job again
7. drive without road rage, not even one city block, i'm a maniac

Seven things that attract me to men
1. camo
2. uniforms (johnny law or ups, it don't matter)
3. muscles
4. eyes
5. cologne
6. manners
7. smile

Seven things i say most often
1. do you hear me?
2. i mean it
3. inside voice
4. deal?
5. yeah, right
6. sweet
7. O-S-S-O-M-E (how true spells awesome)

Seven books or series i love
(i suck here cause they are all financial or children's books)
1. the millionaire next door
2. did i ever tell you how lucky you are
3. the excellent investment advisor
4. the lorax
5. smart women finish rich
6. the nine lives of the affluent
7. national geographic and fortune magazines

Seven movies i do or could watch over and over again
1. little big man
2. the shawshank redemption
3. star wars, yep all of em
4. annie hall
5. jeremiah johnson
6. breakfast at tiffany's
7. it's a wonderful life

Seven other folks to force myself on with this meme
i don't do that, sorry, this meme dies with me me

and then this meme from dana at origin of soul, ten useless pieces of info about me that will have no impact on the world..
1. i'm a rabid nail biter, that's why my nails are fake. hard to chew on plastic.
2. coke=happy. strike it up to magnificent marketing, but a real coke on ice is the best
3. i'm a constant critic, i take the other side just to debate. it's something i loathe about myself, argumentative
4. i say all the things in public and even while eating that decent folks don't.
5. i consider thirty minutes of sitting doing nothing but drinking coffee a necessary step in the getting ready for work process, even though i'm regularly thirty minutes late to work
6. i've been to paris, france 5 times and i never tire of it. it is my favorite city in the world
7. i like to fall asleep to "cops" on tv
8. i like to sing ella fitzgerald tunes in the shower, course i sound just like her, in the shower
9. i put the "broke" in "broker" (it's a lifestyle choice, if you too invest yourself poor you know what i mean.)
10. i'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. it's tough having so much multi tasking going on that you just portray yourself as schizop

it's 11 pm folks, i'm gone to bed, nighty night

and no memes for awhile, deal?

update: tagged princess cat..i think answering all these memes counts for all five weird habits i exude. useless=weird, right??

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