October 02, 2005

homeschooled at the blown-eyed blodger convention...

just home from my long journey to see the homeland, area 51, the mother of all blodgemeets, helen, georgia. i met some truly awesome new friends..donnie mista cadillac tight, leslie miss bus driver & her sidekick bonsai boy, the mooj meistah, ellison and his lovely lady, recondo & georgia and donna, new sweet shining faces everywhere. and who can forget the sweet talking varieds and assorteds that felt the pilgrimage afoot and just happened by to see the monkeys in their cages? no lady, nobody has a pen at a writer's conference, what, cha crazy?? how bout some punch instead? good times, y'all ain't right and that's aight, and that'll be me diggin deep in your archives this time tomorrow. truth is, i need much more, but my liver can't face it. see you in the blodge-o-space.

of course i met some celebrities too. people i already knew, my blogfather eric and his sweet bride fiona. i got a live serenede on the chattahoochee, beat that. dax montana, just damn ya own self. acidman, dude you lie like a rug. you a happy cat, you just need to be declawed is all. and of course that's just me thinking out loud, you go ahead and grumble all you want.

and of course my ancient blown-eyed blodgemates from nawlins, my ambassadors of hooch tubin and punch swilling and all shades of wrongness. zonker, thanks for the ride and is it too late to suggest badcock & more for your new url? blight gurl, don't you go thinking i'm going to forget that cracking my head with your cast comment. hey, if you weren't so funny, i wouldn't be giggling. you the problem, you the answer, you're all that and then some. my cabana key, for the coffee and the forewarning on that punch, you rule my world and saved me from certain destruction. you are good on the rescue, girl. and i finally got to hear denny play, on the most beautiful day of our stay. (mom-he played blackbird and rocky racoon for us, you would have stroked out.) and you know who i think was watching my back best and keeping a mindful eye over me, mister you alright? sam i am. thank you for everything, you are too kind. velociman, the jim jones of our blodgecult, for taking your half rubber maniac self to those that would dare to tube the hooch in your presence and for preferring to swim on her sandy banks instead, you put the crack in cracker my friend, freak on.

no surprises there, what you read is what you get. blodgers are the best that way. but it must be said, if you like what you read, quite an experience to catch the live show for a few days. too much fun, love all you fine blown-eyed blodgers, you the best.

truth is i wish i was still stumbling around with all y'all at the kristy, so i'll just read you instead. but me and that chatham artillery punch? we are through.

oh, and i'll get my links up just after i catch up with reality round here. it's late and i'm sleep deprived to say the very least.

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