September 11, 2005

pimp my child..

my son came home from school with a one man sales kit on thursday...i was fucking zero to flaming pissed in an instant...just what the fuck are our schools thinking?? anyone??

for one thing, i pay four thousand dollars in property tax each year...sorry if that's not filtering out a decent wage for the school, but i sleep easy..i feel i've done my part...

on top of that, the whole community is leeched on by the damned school activity bullshit daily...sometimes they want sponsorship for the pride team, i support it, $150 per year because it is a program which offers positive reinforcement for good show exemplary behavior, they get a pride team shirt to wear on's kind of a status symbol, so i can deal..

but then there are a ton of sports calendars, candy sales, 4h projects, even these piece of shit advertising folders they tried to sell me last year...the advertising cost $500, to be on this paper folder.. i was like, you have to be shitting me?? what about the plastic folders we had to buy on the school supply list?? wtf? true brought home one of the paper folders near the end of the school year and it was totaled in a week...piece of shit...just as i knew it would be..

so imagine my frustration when true brought home this sales kit....he's's your typical school fundraiser bullshit...wrapping paper, ornamants, pet bandanas, oh..and an extra circular filled with texican crap...jalapeno salt & pepper shakers, you name it, if it's craptacular ceramic shit, it's for sale near you...ask the nearest six year old where you can get yours today..

true was breathless about all the stuff he could win...a key chain that says mom...a bunch of toys that look like they wouldn't be nice enough to come in a happy meal...ugh..i want to start with the superintendent and start killing people all the way down the chain of command until i get assurance that they will halt this bullshit...

i don't practice deadbeat economics...i don't buy anything without a 24 hour waiting emotional purchases...i think it's disgraceful for our schools to teach this super low class soon as i find a productive way to channel my wrath, they are going to have it..

don't get me wrong...i sold girlscout cookies for a decade...very young, went door to door through my neighborhood..maybe that's why i'm in sales today.. but lets face it, girl scout cookies?? they sold themselves, might as well have been crack...i didn't have to do a thing...

i have read every bit of this sales says "thanks for supporting our schools" but no word anywhere on much of this worthless bullshit do we have to sell to produce what kind of profit for the school?? and what is the profit to be used for?? huh? give it to me straight and i might support you..

but turn my six year old into dollar store shit concessioneer, and you are not only going to miss my funds, you'll miss my future support on all your other needs...i simply am learning that you are complete dumbfucks, and i don't invest my time or good will or my funds in idiots. fuck you!!

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