August 29, 2005

impure thoughts..

oh my goodness.. wore my new black dress today..and it felt so nice..walked over to the neighbor's to thank her for the sweets she baked me..on my way, i ran into a very nice young stranger.. he was young, but oh i had to look..knee high snake boots on...camo hat..wife beater shirt and dirty muscles sweating in the hot texas sun..ooh la la.. his look took that black dress right off of me, and there i was..staring back..nekid on main street, a perfect world..

i walked in and begged the neighbor's employee..who is that? and tell me he's not 18..

the young girl behind the counter said, "nope, he's older than that"

good i said and relayed our taudry story from the street just moments before..

she said, "yeah, i think he's 19, he graduated last year"

wah, wah, waaaaaahhhh

ouch, sorry hot young boy's mom, wherever you are..

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