August 22, 2005

first day of school


in my attempt to get up early, i accidentally moved the time forward making my usual 6:30 spring to action time occur at 5:30..yow...

true was beaming...he is so excited about catching the bus and starting first grade...i tried to pack him a lunch, but he said no, the cafeteria serves hot things hot and cold things cold, he'd rather dine there..

got to go out front in my bathrobe and take first day of school pics along with the other scantily clad moms in the neighborhood...cute cute...there's betty in her flowered smock, and there's linda with her hair looking like a mop, and there was me...a little bit of scare mind..i got my grinning happy school boy on film..foreveh...

bus picked him up at 5 after 7, one hour to roust the mini me from slumber and shuck him from his nighties and get him on the go..

life is good, the year is new again....
have a good one!!

and cheese!!

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