August 17, 2005

i've got a mexican..

according to the liar's table at the coffee shop this morning, it's official, texas' population is now 50% hispanic and i quote "..and that's just the ones they can count" don't go fact checking, blog freaks, you know that's not what i'm about...and it wouldn't be the liar's table if people went there for facts..

anyway, one guy said he had a mexican that did the most beautiful mosaic tilework...

to which another piped in that he had a mexican that had been his gardener for years and he has a lawn that would make most golf courses look like crab grass..

and still another gentleman had a mexican that sort of does it all..built a fence, did some painting, drywall here and there, and the best news? he's got family, his sister just arrived two weeks ago, and she cleans houses..

egads, i thought...everybody's got a mexican, but me..and being a good capitalist, i immediately began desiring one for myself..

so i know it's not pc, but is it racist? i mean, if it doesn't have a negative connotation when you group people by race, is it racist?

i think "i've got a mexican" should be our national anthem, at least in texas..afterall, each little immigrant is the american dream in the making..they work hard..they don't pay taxes and so neither do you. they do an honest day's work for an honest wage..sure, i know condoning illegal immigration is probably the wrong move, yet, i love a clean house, i love a beautiful yard, i love many things that my single mom lifestyle can't provide me, but my mexican amigos can...

with all the gaza exodus in the news, i couldn't help but fantacize about the US giving texas back to mexico...i mean what if? we have massive borders to protect, and we aren't squares like most you four cornered states..go ahead, i dare you..mark my words, you will be outsourcing to texmexico very soon thereafter...don't fear china, fear texmexico...we are infiltrating even as you sleep..

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