August 16, 2005

2 oh oh 8

oh yeah!!..vman as commander in chief..i do like the sound of only suggestion, denny, the grouchy old cripple, for veep.. try this on for size... our president would be a younger man with a business background..a family guy with two daughters..raised in the lush lifestyle of second generation southern politics..oh yeah..and everyone will figure out by his third speech that a dictionary won't help, he's making half those words up anyway..and america, no use searching for the monkey on his back..he displays his prominently, shows at 2, 4 & 7... special songs by request..

our vice would be slightly older, also an established icon in the business world.. a veteran and man of his word..people will probably come to think of him as the puppetmaster, but the brains there will be more than enough to compensate for any dirt they dig up on the velocimaster. denny, you're going to be the rock that gives viability to the can do it!!

you know you have my support..there's time...let's make this a reality..ain't too much of a change for the average joe, but definitely a step in the right direction...OH YEAH!!

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