August 11, 2005

51% and flashlights...

learned a lot last night..hoot of a time, i tell you..i felt like eric playing pool on wednesday night...course the table at the ole waterin hole sucks..

the boys are gone for their final summertime stint with dad..i tried to behave, but like clockwork i found myself driving by the bar on the way home from work, but this time, no kids in the backseat, uh oh...

so i shimmied inside...wearing my blue pin stripe suit..normally, i like to go incognito..a rule due to the ongoing persecution from the teetotaling investing public..however, i was there when the mood struck me, so in i went..

i love a small town bar..there were about 8 people everyone just sits together at one big table..i got an education..

sat with a biker and got to quizing him..this post is rambling on like bad gas so i'll just bullet point the highlights of what i learned for you:

  • bikers wear colors to identify themselves to other clubs
  • there's a whole bunch of props involved, like you don't wear your colors in a cage (car) and you don't wear them in states where your club isn't king..
  • gangs are illegal, that's why they call em motorcycle clubs
  • in texas, if a business receives more than 51% of their income from selling spirits, no concealed handguns are allowed in
  • because no handguns are allowed in, for protection the bikers all carry footlong metal maglites in belt holsters as weapons to protect their bretheren
all being said and done, i'm glad i made nicey nice friends with them..i wouldn't want to piss em off..

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