July 18, 2005

home through friendlies' eyes..

imagine my astonishment to see all the texas love being tossed out while i was gone...savannah sam, the gut rumbler, and even grandpa pinhead...wow.. texas loves y'all too!!

we are south geographically, but texans don't think of themselves as southerners...we're texans..we'd be our own country if we could..and in places, you'd think you were in mexico...

one minor correction in the flora, texas has it all...sam has been misled by the part of texas she lives in... we do have actual fluffy grassy fields all over (st. augustine grows like kudzu here, if treated properly)...even in early preburbia houston, we got drunk on spiked watermelon and ran barefoot through fields, so darlin, that was slightly incorrect..

the density and type of tree varies wildly across the state, from piney woods in the east, to palms on the coast, to elms and oaks in between.. we got trees, sister..we definitely have trees..

however, she's right on about the perma summer weather. and due to the heat, we texans who do go barefoot most the summer, develop callouses on our feet in our toddler years. therefore, we can run barefoot through a field, but we can't feel a thing, cockle burrs included.. we've burnt our foot feelers for good. the blood is thinning from the heat, and the feet are 2 inches thick on the bottom, it's rough out here, folks...

but don't cry for us, texans appreciate what we've got. i've heard first hand those teary eyed winter stories from northerners (which is everyone north of texas, welcome to yankee land, oklahoma..) about walking miles to school in the snow??...you know it...but how many of you have heard the tear jerker of the scrawny texan child that had to walk to school in the 90 degree plus texas heat on a blacktop? happens every day around here...cry me a river..

ah, i did love looking at it from y'alls perspective though, so thanks..

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