July 14, 2005

potty fingers..

i was out surfing around and i caught some commentary on using potty language in blogs. lots of people seem to find it offensive, some outright requesting no potty language on the site or in comments. others curse politely with ** replacements. others use their blogs as forums to discuss how we potty-finger bloggers are less intelligent, thus we don't have the vocabulary to write without cursing...

all i got to say is us and fuck them...

i don't get the chance much in daily living to call a stupid fuck, a stupid fuck. believe me, my work brings in more of those than i can handle...but then there's also the danger of the kiddos throwing a "stupid fuck" parade...gotta keep it clean for the most part..

so if my foul language offends, i do apologize. i think i cuss with much less regularity in person... in this way, my blog is my dark side..welcome to the dark side, folks...

in that vein, i humbly submit perfectly fine language that sounds repulsive when you hear it in public out of one of your kid's mouths:

"sit on me, sit on me"
"i can't get it up"
"i want you on top this time"
"i like it when you spank me"
"i need to poop" (always spoken loudly at restaurants)

ok, that's all i could remember them saying, this week, but they were all benign in nature in context, i assure you. just sound bad...

i guess potty language is in the eye of the beholder and the ear of the behearer..sorry if i have offended you, but then again, if you are one of my true regular readers, you know i really don't give a flying fuck.

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