July 12, 2005

City Tard

i grew up in a small town of one million...the fourth largest city in these here united states...houston, texas...

let me tell you people, have a heart, growing up in a town that size lent itself to natural dysfunction..suburban american life is dirty business people, and it takes it's toll on the meek..

when i was 5 or 6, i lived down the block from my elementary school...i walked to school everyday with my older brother.. we were latch key kids, so after school we walked to the babysitter's several blocks away...eventually, my brother became grotesquely uncool, so i began to take the long walk home alone...

in a town like houston, you learn the words rape, murder, maim, kill...very early in life..we lived in the middle of the booming metropolis and we were never short on crime...whenever i would walk through the neighborhood alone...and a car would approach...i would instinctively start dragging a leg and making a face...i remember thinking clearly that swiping a tard would probably be less fun, much less raping one, so that's what i did..

yeah, go ahead and laugh at me if you must..i don't mind...i'm still alive people, it worked!! and if you are the kind of sicko who would make fun of those of us who appear "different", know this...we may actually have you outwitted..

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