February 27, 2005

my heroes have always been cowboys

March 12 is right around the corner and all are welcome to my town to see Guy play at the hill country opry...ya'll the place is soooo cool...giant copper bar....big red velvet curtain...stage is 3 feet up, great visibility...tables with tablecloths and a cozy atmospere just right for soaking in some new sounds...i saw the almost patsy cline band play there last thurs nite and let me tell you, outstanding...

funny thing is...the bar that used to be there had live goats and chickens in it always and the owner would ride a horse up and down junction highway all summer, bare back...holding a huge whip and just mercilessly beating the shit out of this poor hot horse while 4 lanes of traffic whizzes by...not only did the horse not have a saddle but the rider often didn't have a shirt either..you've seen this freak in elsewhere texas: appears 7 feet tall, handle bar mustache, bald head, beet red from the texas sun, no shirt, dirt and sweat river beds all over 'em, cutoff denim short, and of course, cowboy boots...oh yeah, and it's only like 102 outside in depths of july when jolly ass would do this...prolly 110 on the asphalt...typical fucking texas fureeeek, you give us a bad name...


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