February 12, 2006

snake eyes

well, kids we knew this wasn't going to last forever. chou was a lucky lady for some time, but i'm just getting geeked out at work, at life, at home. i'm throwing in the blogging towel for a bit. if you care to get the good word when i'm back spewing nonsense, please drop me a comment on this post. i will send you an email when i'm back on a new url, cause when i come back it won't be here. there are several reasons why bloggers refer to this as "blowspot", but i'm not going to bitch, not on my goodbye post, bad form. i started this on a whim. i had a real shitty "yeah, right" attitude about this for a long while. but i'm truly humbled and honored by the high caliber of folks that have visited here and added much through the comments. even more, the friendships i've made. thank you, each of you, for reading this. it really has been fun. y'all take care now, and i'll see ya round the sphere real soon.
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