February 09, 2006

americans cry wolf

i hit my limit watching the news last night. i'm done.

between the political bullshit that was pulled at Coretta King's funeral, and the nutjob americans that use freedom of speech as reason to justify americans taking part in the turkish propaganda film "Valley of the Wolves," i had a moment of clarity.

we're fucked

we deserve every bomb, every atrocity against us, because 50-60% of us are stupid beyond belief and begging for our mutual extermination. why is it the dumbfucks are the one's always yelling? i guess they're used to the rest of us not listening.

left wing stupid fucks, you are too low to claim my flag. you aren't worth the blood it took to provide your freedoms. you're thankless, you're disrespectful and you're foul. and you will be our downfall, i'm sure of it.

i can't believe that busey plays a jewish doctor harvesting organs in iraq and we're not supposed to be offended. drop that washed up piece of shit in baghdad. they'll quarter his worthless ass in no time. traitorous pig.

please go here. i have. i stared at the crammed graves for hours and walked the town. it's thick with sorrow that will never be erased. i stared at one of the children's drawings for awhile, one of 15,ooo that died there. and when i think of it, i realize the next holocaust is already upon us. this time, we americans are the target, all of us.

next time, it'll be my kid's drawing and some not yet born canadian, probably, welling up with sadness that we just didn't understand the severity of the threat. too little, too late.

a dollar to a donut says not a one islamonut will see the propaganda as propaganda. people are going to die, lefties lie, and americans cry wolf all the time. and as we're all consumed with wiretapping and bush's obvious abuse of power (sarcasm) the islamonuts are building nukes and where do you think they're aiming them?

if you think bush is abusing power, i can't wait to hear your opinion when you are wearing a turban or a veil. oh yeah, that's right, you won't be allowed an opinion. guess that's one thing to look forward to, the silence of the damned.

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