February 02, 2006

comment control

since i'm a veritable circus freak, what with the children, and the power suit, and the car trouble, and the sideshow clients, and did i mention the freaking children? they're still awake. i've decided to ignore them in lieu of killing them, just now. mama's on the edge, kiddos. i suggest you step the fuck back. not that i don't have anything worthy of writing, the ideas are congealing like a cement mixer (the shot, not the machine.) it's just that i had a blogging deja vu, which is becoming a regular occurence for me, and it turned kind of ugly on me, so i'm expanding here. i'm not a morning person. i had a few back to back hell weeks at work and i've been a neurotic zombie at home. which, if there is a benefit, it's that you don't take yourself seriously. anyway, i have been reading a great debate over at texas music. it's all about how do you support the soldiers but not the war? this is a question that has bothered me a long while, but i think this particular post is getting some great answers. some things i didn't expect to agree with.

so what happened is a few liberals decided that bush's wiretapping and nixon's wiretapping are the same. i made the comment that if they wanted to compare the DNC to terrorrists that i thought it was a stretch, but funny and go ahead. well, some limp brained commentor took offense and said i was less of a person for making that comparison.

look, i shouldn't blog before coffee, i'll give you that. i've made the mistake before. but here is what i was going for: bush is wiretapping terrorrists as nixon wiretapped the DNC. see, terrorists=dnc, funny comparison, no? hello? stop saying that nixon and bush are acting the same if you don't want us to draw the natural conclusion. there is no comparison.

anyways, this is a much better post than anything i've written so please do click the link and get over to jack's and read declare yourself. i'm trying to stay out of the comments until the java gels a coherent thought. and since i already got attacked once, i thought it more respectful of jack's comments to take it home with me and chew on it here, and you know what? i'm still right--stupid fucking comparison, liberals!!

a man in uniform, i think he's worthy of a blown-eyed bodgeroll. big changes coming to the chou chope in the near future. and innana, if you come by again, i knew there was good meaning in that analogy, i just didn't get it. dissent is american--two parties, one hangover. thanks for the drive by and you take it nice and beady, ya hear?

ya'll take it easy.

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