January 28, 2006

we represent the lolligag guild..

i'm out there folks, i've got a couple of whacked out posts in draft status, but i can't make sense of much. i've been removed, completely for most the week. no working phone lines at my house. hard to admit this, but i just assumed it was one of my phone jacked devices and never bothered to call in professional help. i did unplug everything for three days (yes, i thought that would cure it) and when that didn't work i realized it was serious. best crazy assed quote came from red on this matter, "well, i don't want to upset you...but you may have fire ants." uuuuuuhhhhh...

besides the separation anxiety i was suffering from all of you, i had a hell week at work. hella good, but hell just the same. long days, productive, but mighty long. i opened 26 accounts this past week, that's meeting at least 26 people (many were plus the spouse) to talk about their goals, issues, etc.

now that's epic proportions for my business. i normally open 4-6 accounts in a month. i'm fine with that, and size matters, it can be difficult to keep up and deal with that many new families in a month. but 26 in a week? i've been trying to calm down ever since 4 o'clock yesterday and it's hard because i have all these new people on my mind. it hurts.

in my spare time (did you catch the sarcasm?) i have had two puking and liquishitting youngsters on my hands. both got booted out of their respective daycares for the obligatory 24 hour safety period. this time, for the first time in my 7 year career as a mommy, both kids vomitted inside the walmart on the day they were kicked out of school! fab, i know. it's a wonderful life, envy me. changing sheets in the middle of the night, bathing sick boys while you gagingly scrub on a germ laden throne. damn, i am super woman, even if i have a little gack on my suit.

today i finally got a rest. just slept in and vegged out all morning. i have a serious allergy headache going on, but i'm not going to bitch. i'm lucky to be holding down solids. wish i could lurk out here longer but i'm a little loopy upstairs.

ya'll take care, have a good weekend and i'll see more of you too dimensional peeps latra on.

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