January 22, 2006

in plain view

sometimes we don't really put the whole truth out here on the internet

hattip to christina who reminded me of the "in plain view" argument our fine men in blue like to use. in other words, if you don't want to get caught, don't do it all out in the open, right?

quite an ongoing debate, who is really like their blog? everyone is and isn't. depends on their mission statement i guess, i don't have one. this is mental diarhea for me. the shits. not serious, not important, just what's on my plate at the time.

speaking of plates, christina gets you high on kahlua cake and then she's like the pied piper, you'll follow her anywhere.

anyways, as i was saying, in plain view. even if what you read is true, it's miniscule. a few minutes of one person's life. perception being reality, it's truly intriguing to meet people you read because you get to see for yourself what about that person is truly in plain view out here. equally interesting, what isn't.

i've heard it said about the company i keep before, a nice group but a rough bunch. definitely so among my blodging bretheren. kooky assed crackers everyone. it can be overwhelming in large doses, but then again, i didn't invite the motherfuckers. don't blame me.

hattips and serious gratitude for the giggle pains go to dash, christina, yabu, denny, el capitan, jack, beth, aj, zippo and the fam, my palm pilot, and the many exotic animals that were felled for our nourishment. and of course susan and the man in uniform for keeping it all honest and out there in the open.

a special shout out for my wee roommate and the sinister elder sister, the two most brilliant and beautiful girls--though the older one needs a fierce spanking, just for good measure (chew on that, smart ass.) shoe--1 sweet one--zip.

oh, i got the big deal on thursday, thanks for the votes of confidence.

and, i read over at eric's that their asses were sore? some hotrantra meet huh-- the brokeback blodgers? houston, WE have some serious fucking problems.

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