January 17, 2006

i put the ain't in can't

perhaps you need a texan to pronounce that correctly, it should rhyme. i have a lot to get done. a freaking super difficult accreditation course that i'm six months behind on. several home projects (at least most the christmas stuff is put away). preparation for a huge business altering meeting on thursday. a whole month's pay, i've been kind of a slacker this new year. oh, and there's always self improvement to keep the whole machine running smooth. excercise, good meals, good life... instead i diet on deadlines. i wait for the shoe to drop, then i'll react. it's a shitty row to hoe, but it's all i know. i can't change, i can't change, i can't change... any pointers? any ideas? i look at anal retentive organized folks (no call outs, you know who you are) and i wonder, are they any less stressed than myself? or do they just see more imperfection from their squared away vantage point?

i don't know, all i know is i don't aim to change. not really. and being the goal centered goofball i am, i don't expect any change either. at least i'm used to it. now i've got to get back to work, just as soon as i find my car keys...

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