January 19, 2006

whores don't wear hose..

it's the big day. the one. the big final board meeting. keep your fingers crossed for me, it's a definite do or die. do or die, because tonight they will buy, but who knows who from. pitter pat.

the day didn't start out so great. went through about sixty pairs of panty hose searching for one without a run. finally, opened a new pair out of sheer exhaustion and gashed a brand new hugamous hole in the foot. cool.

i had to stop at cvs. ugh, i felt like a prostitute. all dressed up but no pantyhose. my mother brainwashed me as a child. see, all real women put their faces on at 6 am AND only whores don't wear pantyhose.

serious. and this is texas people, it gets a little hot for hose in the summer. but the generation gap, holy cow, grand canyon. needless to say, i sweat a lot as a child in pantyhose in the 100 degree summer heat.

eventually even my mom came to her senses and it has become okay to go hoseless during the summer months. but still, deeply ingrained, a guilty feeling being hoseless in the morning on a cold winter day. whore!

i think i saw a flash of judgement in the cvs clerk's eyes. course i'm sensitive, it being do or die day and me being without proper hosiery. good thing i'm not a spiritual person, or i'd consider the day fuct for luck.

nah, be a positive prostitute, chou. this whore is hoping to score..this whore is hoping to score..

damn kids have got me chanting.

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