January 03, 2006

to sleep, perchance to dream...

oh dear, issues. day three of the new year and i've got issues.

hamlet, damn. william shakespeare knew how to thread a needle, did he not? sleep the ultimate in relaxation he penned as possibly a terrifying place to be stuck eternally, depending on the quality of the dream. so very right.

i'm suffering a kid-borne insomnia of sorts. exhaustion by day as i toil through days with little to no contentment, followed by late night hours where i can't get my mind to rest. mostly those thoughts are irradic in nature, and the dreams that follow equally nonsense based, however terrifying.

i can't get enough sleep and i can't rest once i'm there. trouble afoot. the 90 degree january days are also mutating me. as i progressively become more zombiefied, i beg of you, send some peaceful thoughts my way.

and to those dealing with me in the real world, would you please pretend my eye make up isn't smudged down my cheeks and that my socks match? thanks. i'm coping just as well as i can.

oh, and no posties tommorrow. the rose bowl starts at 7 so i'll be glued to the tube. worried bout my horns, but it's been decades since we've gone to the national championship and i think forever since this kind of season. they scare me though. my freaking longhorns know how to take a dump on a football field--that a&m game was one massive ongoing bowel movement. no, think positive shoe, tonight i'll dream of a national championship win. wear orange, be loud, stay late...HOOK EM, HORNS!!

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