January 01, 2006

i'm going to be a second cousin!!

hey sweets my dear sweet wonderful peeps. my identical cousin, kelley, is with child! i am so happy, not just for her, but for me. you see, all of us with those maternal instincts know that nothing saves, nothing improves, nothing beats holding a brand new baby. aaahhh, i can hardly wait for fall. plus, although we all worry about our loved ones when they're preggo, we have the comfort of knowing this: no matter what goes wrong in the world, we all are going to have more blights to deal with it. oh my goodness, what a gift, more beautiful blights in the world. i can't stand it, i may pee in my blog chair. wait, i'm not pregnant. you can do that though kel, with good excuse!! i begged her to name it "chou" if it's a gurl. i don't think pete needs that much of a reminder of just how up your ass the blogworld can get, but i'm going to keep pleading my case just the same.

ahh, the new year and love and babies-- i think 2006 is going to be alright. love you, kelley and spidey and pete and baby chou!! blights rule!!

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