December 29, 2005

unexpected gang bang

well, i'm back in the saddle, my friends... did not expect to reach the 10k mark when i put up my big bend post. but thanks to denny and rob, i blew on to eleven thousand before i could get my blog boots back on. sincere thanks to all of you for making my christmas dream come true.

the vacation visitation impeded my blogrhythms, i'm sore to say the least. i can barely tawk. have had lots of post ideas swimming around in my head, sadly most of them drowned from lack of oxygen. hope to revive some of the topics and be back spewing nonsense at you with no shame soon.

oh, and the vacation was sublime, the scenery unrivaled and the company was top notch. very memorable. but like a short nap, it was just enough estatic wonderment to make me a downright cranky bitch on my return. just enough fun to make me realize how truly mundane my life really is.

further, i'm suffering from a santa hangover. too many back to back late nights and returning to work for the end of the year freak out has been less than exhilirating.

thanks again for coming by precious peeps. i'm back to my usual twenty or so regular readers which is more doable for me. don't get me wrong, i love the linkage, but the pressure to perform makes me impotent. performance anxiety is such a bitch.

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