December 19, 2005

all i want for christmas..

I really can't stay I've got to go away This evening has been So very nice My mother will start to worry Father will be pacing the floor Really i better hurry Well maybe just a half a drink more

tis the season, my jolly blogfellows. zee christmas crunch. nutty like a fruitcake, i am i am, but all is very well.the kiddos went to their dad's on saturday. he's his usual scrooge ass self, and normally i would be scraping rock bottom heading towards christmas with no kiddos, no pee in your pants cause santa is almost here excitement stirring in the shoe box. it's normally bluesville, but not this time.

this year, i've got a new beau. let's call em "spur" just for grins. he's a texas boy, a good one and we are heading out at o dark thirty for a holyday getaway. a place i've never been but have turned green with envy at hearing other's tales. no television. no cell phone coverage. no intranets. just mountains, hiking and lollygaggin at our leisure. Big Bend National Park.
oh, baby, it's going to be cold outside. but don't worry, we're lodging it. and just so ya know, the coffee beans are ground and coming with. i'll be gone, way out west, but you won't be forgotten my sweet peeps. when the coffee starts percolating, i'll give a mental shout out to my regular morning reads. peace be with ya'll, generous souls that you are. catch up with you when i return to civilization.

all i want for christmas is my 10 thousandth hit. so in the spirit of the season, in the generous giving nature that embodies the gift of Christ, would you please consider reading this drivel twice, maybe thrice? thanks, love chops.

and a very merry christmas to all, and to all a good site.

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