December 02, 2005

shit creek

what can i do just to find peace of mind? don't give me no lip or i'll pack my crib

and leave it all behind

i live on shit creek, the shit stays about a foot deep
the dogs and flies go to harmonize
all the kids have dirty feet
the county feeds us once a week
with chicken fried and a pumpkin pie

won't you please come to shit creek now and then

it's so damn good to have a damn good friend
come dry your eyes while the fiddle plays
come listen close to what we have to say

thanks to the Bad Livers for summing up my work week. major freak fest yesterday, an ass chewin thursday. all day.

computer issues. gummed up to non functional. since i don't speak the language, my brain easily gets psyched out by internet induced paranormal instances. lately it's all i know, so i go.

speaking of gone, my kids are off for the weekend with their dad, so i will be helping my sweet grandma move. yep, she's moving on. granny is a rolling stone, remind me to tell you more on that soon.

hope to catch up my blogging this weekend. have fun ya'll. and do come back to shit creek real soon, ya hear?

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