November 30, 2005

uh, what are you teaching my child?

Once there was a turkey named cookie. He was smart. He was unlike other turkeys because he could drive a car. He could also eat a tiger.

(do blow up that pic and check out the turkey face)

If I were a Pilgrim, I would wear pilgram hat, breeches, garters.
I would live in Plymouth.
I would like to hunt. Catch fish.
My life would be different than it is today because boys don't wear dresses.

i know, i know...plagiarising my son's school work does not count as blogging. but c'mon, it's all i've got, so it's all you get. plus, though an afterthought, felt sure ya'll would like to see the holidays through the eyes of seven year old. tigers and men in dresses? it ain't the holiday of yesteryear.

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