November 27, 2005

pick a medium and stay there

who knew the blog world could get so consuming?

i'm a very compartmentalized gal. i used to know only two types of people. the people i met through my work all wanted to talk in person or phone about money, so i slated them for the sobering hours of 9-5.

then i had my true friends, those who knew and experienced the bile of my existence firsthand, usually by phone, as none of them live nearby. they let me let my hair down and so i gave them evenings and weekends, after the kiddie pies were in bed.

enter the blog world and all goes to shit. it's the time people, there's never enough time. anyhow, what i was trying to get to was, my evening reading, my relaxing past time, my late night getaway and early morning coffee retreat mutated. messed with my natural order.

first, the blogmeets. once you meet people you read? forget about it. my experience with bloggers has been that if you like what you read than just wait til you meet them, you're only getting a sliver. a post a day maybe, if they are fluent, that's still just a glimpse of the bigger picture. plus, in my case, the people experiencing my daily crap are people i didn't know a year ago, including 30 or some odd regular lurky loos that i'll likely never know. wtf? how did that happen?

second, once your bloggers become your friends, and your friends keep up with you via your blog, you're kind of married to it, aren't you? i keep hearing from live bodies, pressures about the blog. HINT: no mentioning shoe's secret alias or double secret hideaway in the real world. natural order meet jambalaya. ya'll, i told you i can't commit, didn't i? i can't commit. the more i need to blog the less i want to, cause i don't want it to ever be a job, like a marriage. there you go.

so once your past time morphes into your primetime, what do you do with everything else? good questions deserve answers. i have to run now and go catch up with all my scrumptious cyber peeps. never enough time with you, never enough time.

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