November 17, 2005

blow me

Oct 12, 2005 DJIA 10,216 Nov 14, 2005 DJIA 10,697 4.7% increase
ok, trivia time. which informed blogger wrote these words on oct 12th, "It's October, invest your money. Contrarians aren't popular but they are always cool to hang with."

you know what i like about that? it's infectious capitalistic grip. this is the most ripe economy in the history of the world. i read that u.s. companies grossed over a trillion dollars in earnings last quarter for the first time in history.

with all the constant negativity in our media and our pandering politician spokespersons, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of reality. we are targets for a reason. freedom means free enterprise which leads to wealth. it's good to be an american, today more than ever.

i'm sick of all the attacks on wealth. it is the american way, nothing to be ashamed of. watching our politicians trying to stick themselves all over big oil for profiting makes me nauseous. anybody in their right mind had full access to purchase those companies a year ago and enjoy the same profits. ridiculous.

suck it up, people. in a free economy you have no one to blame but yourself. opportunity is what we make it. sure, it's risky, it's demeaning at times, but it's rewarding. put your money where your mouth is. act american. invest in yourself.

and, i meant for the title to be about blowing your own horn, but blow me just sounds better, so there.

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