November 08, 2005

all my exes live in texas

austin, texas to be more precise.

seriously, even the bodies i dumped far beyond the state line turned up in austin. not that i'm bitter, no not at all. it's just that austin used to be my town, and now it's my past.

this weekend, i'll be hosting my own little carnival of chaos. ex number one, my college sweetheart, has invited me to the texas kansas football game on saturday. you know i can't say no to longhorn football, people. ex number three, his roommate, will also be in attendance. ex number two, is moving to big d so we are having a going away party friday night. and the big ex, the outlaw, the one i unmarried, is keeping the kids so i'll get to see him twice. joy of joys, being above the fray ain't normally my stronghold, but i will let you know how i fare.

and then on saturday night, i will come home with the lovely little debbie. we are planning a hunter's weekend outing, drowning all our sorrows in camo and cowboys, as it should be. little debbie will be checking out farriers and i will be looking for my next ex.

sounds lovely, perhaps i am bitter.

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