October 28, 2005

wish you were here...

y'all, do you miss me? i can't blog, i can't even read your blogs. mainly i can't do anything but lay around and bitch and moan and that's terrible blog manners, so i don't i'm thinking of filing a claim for a giant flat screen monitor, some voice to word software and a high speed internet connection. afterall, missing work doesn't really screw me in any kind of tangible way, i don't get paid to be there. but missing my blodgers, damn. that's depressing, folks. not good for the psyche at all. in other news, i'm now driving a mini van. i hate it. it's a ford. complain about suvs all you want, but at least that shit is sporty. i've driven mine out of river beds, and snowbanks, and all kinds of camping mishaps. i'd like to see the freestar get five feet offroad. it sucks.

yep, i drive toyota. and i'm the smartest one i know. people fear me in my own car. i've noticed i'm more deceiving to the general public as the minivan mommy. they'll learn.

justdotchristina, do me a flavor. give my warmest texas welcome to mister spence. no way to get there this time, but i'm green with blodge envy. have fun. and if he is coming this way, give him my digits. thanks.

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