October 31, 2005


in my line of work, i'm exposed, shall we say, to every kind of personality you can imagine. a true cross section of john general public. troublesome, though it often is, i can do my job a lot better and a hella lot faster if i can get them to expose themselves greatly and often. i mean, why dance around anyway? just give me the down and dirty and i'll let you know if i can deal with it.

i've noticed recurring barricades. obstacles in the getting to know you process. people being from all walks of life and experience are jaded and bitter and torn up from their life's work. they get tore up and then they build a wall, an impassible obstruction..a barricade around their weakness.

hey, it's cool. i'm down. took an inventory of my own barricades and i found several doozies. my least favorite was i'll never get married again. these self imposed lessons we teach ourselves can be so detrimental to our well being. if you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it. and when it comes to stinkin thinkin, your achievement won't mean squat, it just isolates you from the less injured world.

so what are your barricades, peeps? give em up in the comments. the lines that shan't be crossed wit ya? i can't wait, lay your illness on me...

and hattip to the supersuckers whose song barricade got me thinking...

Yeah, no one's going to get up on stage with a barricade
I don't give a damn about your rage, I got a barricade
Ah, the barricade
sweet barricade

You don't have to be afraid behind the barricade
This is the best place we've ever played, they got a barricade
Ah, the barricade
sweet barricade
Well, you can toss up some cash or you can throw me a spliff,
but if you start throwing trash, I'm going to kick out your teeth
from behind the barricade

No one's going to get in my face with a barricade
Keeping those crazy people in their place, it's the barricade
Ah, the barricade
sweet barricade
And if that doesn't work, well, I know some jerks
and if you bust on through
they'll beat the crap out of you
from behind the barricade

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