October 23, 2005

strong and fat

well, i survived. all in all it was a productive weekend..

my mom is the bomb, stocked the fridge, cooked the best meal i've had in weeks and made the kids darth vader costumes, capes and all. we sew em..it's a tradition. actually, my mom sews and i thread all the needles, but it's a real family affair and the kids look great. quiet costumes too, they just breathe loud. love it, and half my work is done. THANKS MOM!!

alex came to my bathroom while i was getting ready for the day and declared he wanted to eat breakfast at the donut palace. reminded me of the last time he made that request...

i told him, "if we go to the donut palace, you are eating kolaches"

he said, "no, i'm eating donuts"

i said, "alex, kolaches have protein which makes you strong"

and he said, "so do donuts"

i said, "no, they don't. donuts make you fat"

and he said, "well, i want to be strong and fat"

damn, two things you don't normally wish for, at least in my family line. more power to you, alley cat, strong and fat indeed.

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