October 24, 2005

collision at the cop shop

yep, fourth accident since i moved here three years ago today..

little time, many errands. familiar story?

my four o'clock appointment ran over, didn't leave until 5:15. which left me a mere 15 minutes to get across town to free alex from the daycare before they start the massive over charging, dollar a minute after hours..

got him, was trying to make it to the dry cleaners. right in front of the cop shop, there was a policeman rolling out the driveway, guess he just came on duty. the light changed, i stopped. afterall, i was in a hurry, but not enough to run a red light right in front of the pd. the girl behind me plowed right into me.

oh fuck. prolly wouldn't have hurt so bad if i wasn't craning my neck around to stare at the uniformed yummies.

good news, it wasn't my fault, the girl said she thought i was going to go through the light. funny she never thought to, uh, look. brake lights were working and the light was solidly red by the time the car in front of me ran through...more good news, it only dented in my back bumper. even better news, she had insurance!!

bad news, it surely totaled the girls ford focus. it looked and smelled like shit. she stood there crying while i begged the two cops to hurry, still had a kid to pick up at six. rough day, all in all, and my neck hurts like hell. i'm drugging up and passing out.

later, y'alls

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