October 20, 2005

piss on this..

mommyhood ain't great all the time...

woke up with two little boys in my bed. that's the real shame of sleeping like a bear, i just don't even notice until the morning comes and i awake with a few feet crammed in some uncomfortable places. i'll be popping and crackling all day long from the all night nocturnal contortions.

this morning was even rougher than usual as i awoke and i was wet. not sexy wet, you blog freaks, but snoozing away in a lake o pee. thank you boys, mommy needed that extra push towards the great abyss. thank goodness for rubber sheets.

it was a great precurser for my day though. had an appointment with a lady at ten to start her investing. she brought her cantankerous dad along for back up. he went along reading the paper throughout our conversation, but would look over the paper to blast insults at me from time to time. "i hate walmart" "i hate big oil companies" "i hate ..." yeah, yeah, pops...my papa was just like you. everyday closer to the end of the world. red saved my ass and pulled him out to talk to him which gave me a chance to really get down to brass tacks with the daughter without the heckler throwing me off stride.

as she was getting ready to leave, she said, "thank you shoe. you could be my daughter by age, but you act more like my mom. now when people talk about investments, i'll actually understand what they mean. thank you so much" and it was all worth it, peeps. thanks is the best payment i get all day, it says they appreciate me.

then i had a long appointment with one of my most bizarro couples.. we joke that the husband is trying to kill the wife. he's not, they are just older. but the wife has severe dementia, and has gone to nursing facilities twice this last month for dehydration and starvation. she forgets to eat, and he forgets that it's necessary to keep her alive. love is truly blind folks, for they are crazy in love despite the fog.

but nobody is going to dehydrate on our watch, red kept her lubricated. served her an ice cold glass of water. she said no, she wasn't interested, but after needling her a bit, she picked up the glass and downed the whole thing. red got up to refill her glass and she'd say "no mas." funny, cause she barely speaks, that she pulls spanish out of the blue floored us all. but red persisted, and sat down another full glass. the hubby and i would talk for a moment, and then we'd hear gulp, gulp, gulp, ahhhhh...this went on for an hour. she must have had 4 or 5 glasses.

and then the dam broke. for the first time in my 13 year career, someone peed in my office chair. hey, i'm not complaining, she was wearing depends, no muss, no fuss. we all went on just like a tremendous silent but deadly fart had just been blown into the area. no big deal. i'm a professional folks, thirty grand on the desk and not even a wet spot on my chair. life is good.

afterall, it's a service industry and i am the money mama...and i truly do care. and while i'm not fairly compensated these days, what with the heckling, and the peeing, and the constant stream of need... i know i'm helping. i'm doing the right thing. you can freaking urinate on me, and i'm used to it. is that tough love, or what?

and now i'm off to perform for the corporate clan. thanks for your advice and well wishes, they were all appreciated. good weekend to you. i'll get a post up if i still have a job come sunday.

nighty night

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