October 18, 2005

stoke my fire

i'm beat spent a hundred bucks on legos tonight, fucking wallet embolism. i know, i know. it just feels wrong but i have two kids, two birthdays, and christmas, so shove it..everything is in stock at lego.com and free shipping so no psycho toy store excursions for me, just yet

have thirty hours of continuing education to start and finish by november first.

have a seven year old's birthday party to plan and put on by november first. trick or true, anyone? single mommies need competent chaperones..

have two children to outfit for halloween, which would normally be easy..but they change their mini manic minds daily.

have to face the mighty corporate bigwigs on friday who hold my immediate future in their balmy big bruddah hands. they are flying in for some one-on-one. whoopty shit!! can you feel my excitement, peeps?

big meeting, big fun, anybody got a gun? i'm done

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