October 17, 2005

horn dawgs

awe yeah,

great night at bunco. beastie boys' licensed to ill playin whilst the girls cackled out some new and repulsive insults. my favorite tonight was "pepper bush" and i can't tell you who had it, but if you get it, you will be hot and the sixes will be turning up quicker than you can bitchslap a sista doing the sprinkler. i know what i speak.

football is so on this year. watched my horns slay colorado on saturday. matter of time, just a matter of time. the university of texas is going back to rose bowl, my friends. i know it, i feel it, and i must see it..

but i hear dax making mention of his beloved bulldawgs squeeking out a rose bowl ticket too, and if that's the case, well you know, it's our freaking year peeps!! HORN DAWGS unite!! there's something cosmic about this whole blown-eyed blodger connection. i won't say it's destiny, cause i know it geeks out some of my atheiorhoid blodge bretheren, but it's some kind of major coinkydink nonetheless. bring it on

afterall, fair georgia blodgers, the eyes of texas have been upon you for quite some time now. do NOT think you can escape them...

can you imagine the blog drama, the smack talk? let's go ahead and start now and we'll be ready to draw blood come new year's...

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