October 16, 2005

high ate us

yep, i'm back.. just in time for the end of the world, it seems. i leave blogland on wednesday and when i return, things are a thousands shades of hinky. cool with me, i knew i'd be institutionalized eventually. but hey, in case i forget to mention it, you people are completely ate up. let's roll folks, these fine writers have put me on their blogrolls. such an act proves they have serious issues festering. but i have to say, a real honor for me. you people are true wordsmiths and i apologize up front to your posses. maybe y'all should stop by and leave em some encouraging words in their comments, afterall, a link to shoe is a cry for help:
Queenie of Inblognito baby brother, RSM

Dana of Origin of Soul
Kate of Katespot
the delusional daydreaming eye socket reaming dax montana (bout time, dude)

thanks guys!! blogrolls are our currency and i do appreciate your investment. if i forgot anyone, know i'm an html leper and it's all i can do to figure this shite out. why don't you drop me an email or better yet, a comment, and i'll get my links updated lickity split.

in other news, it's too beautiful in texas these days. 65 degrees, sunny and beautiful. the texas meet is firming up. i'm going to have to put up the reservation info this week. for every 7 rooms held we need one paid deposit. i have no idea whatsoever who's interested in coming outside the usual suspects, so before i go sticking my neck out, let's have a headcount. the date is April 29th weekend. i know it seems early, but we'll be staying downtown Austin, Texas. if you are at all interested in attending, leave a comment pronto on this post. if you're planning on rooming with other blodgers, you do so at your own risk..let me know. rooms in downtown austin will go mighty fast.

you will not want to miss this one, folks, it's a shoe sanctioned event..and i can't wait to see y'all again.

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