October 12, 2005

mindless matter

yep, i'm in that kinda mood... i don't blog, people, you are mistaken. i practice free self therapy by putting my random craps out here for all to see. i'm not a writer, i have a real job. i have two kids. i'm divorced and i'm a crazy bitch, ask those round here that know me. no question. however, i have been advised via email and comments that i'm going to lose some of my closests companions if i don't do something to move spidey's scrotum further down the page. you got it, people. i may be seemingly indifferent but don't think i don't love you. i listen, and i'm willing to do almost anything you ask to please you, it's that mommy thing in me. so ask away... had a mondayesque wednesday today. several appointments, several drop ins, a few orders and the market heading south..it's october, invest your money. contrarians aren't popular, but they are always cool to hang with. trust me on this one. and i'm off to play. guy forsyth tomorrow night in san antonio. babysitter is confirmed so life is good.

good on ya, folks. take it mice and cheesey, love y'all

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