October 07, 2005

deep elum blues..

when you go down to deep elum, to have a little fun, better have 15 dollars when that policeman runs.

oh sweet mama, daddy's got them deep elum blues
oh sweet mama, your daddy's got them deep elum blues

when you go down to deep elum,
put your money in your shoe,
women in deep elum got them deep elum blues.

oh yeah, my meager peeps. is your burnt orange blood a burlin'? mine fo sho'ley is. Texas OU weekend, the mardi gras of my texan raising. BIG D, state fair, cotton bowl, first cold snap in texas, fans of all jerseys puking crazy on the long haul in, scalpers, giant pretzels, kick off at eleven but the fans never made it to the hotel night before. scary bunches of ohs, they are..how i miss the scene.

talked my way out of my first near public intoxication my first ou weekend. 6 girls stuffed in a vw with at least six open containers, maybe more if they counted the empties crammed under the seats. the two cops wrote four of the six of us tickets before they got a call and scampered off to more serious crime. me and my best friend somehow escaped, and i was driving. dayum, maybe that's where my cop love started?

anyway, hook em horns. and fuck those sooners. sorry okies, but when it comes to Big D, the day has finally come for you to go down. i sleep early, for tomorrow i tear it up. give em hell, give em hell, make em eat shit...da dah da dah dahh daaahhhhhh....

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