October 06, 2005

ream your assets..

that's not mine, oh i wish. a broker friend of mine used it in proper context the other day and i about wet my pants. he said the market dropping a hundred points a day will really ream your assets.

no fucking kidding on that one, but still

my money talk took leave as ass sex engorged my troubled mind. ream your assets, ream your assets, chanting away in thirty dirty dialects. i did the conversation fade out, which can be particularly embarrassing when you're the only other one in the conversation. what can i say, my mind has a tendency to wander, and at times, needs a passport.

besides tube the hooch, there was sammy's stunning "nice titties" comment in the middle of the country store. but, i think my favorite in retrospect was when zonker came to get his pickle out of the grocery sacks. he was already scared of me as i had pulled my mean mommy look on him in the store. i said, "what do you want? you want me to help you dig out your pickle?" whoa, zonker doesn't let that shit slide, people.

so i'm liking the double meanings, let's play. give it to me, your best wha-huh statements. in the comments and the best will get some personal play by me in my very own hometown. something nasty i can slip to the general public. get to work, get freaky, i need a good laugh.

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