October 04, 2005

bitter ends...

sniff, sniff

it's really over, isn't it?

i had a few loose ends hanging over me..and since sobriety has brought me nothing in the way of html code or blodge material, i give you my scattered bits:

1) chicken pot pie (the signs said do not feed the blodgers, especially in a betty crocker mini bake oven, but the punch floweth, so the sense stopeth)
what ya need: 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (or as sammy says, nice tiddies), 1 can chicken broth, 1 can cream of chicken soup, some veggies (i'm partial to the corn, green bean & carrot mixture, minds me of the store bought version), a cup o flour, cup o milk & a stick of butter

heat oven 350
boil those breasts & then dice em up
butter a 13 x 9 baking dish
combine soup, broth, veggies & diced chicken in the dish
salt & pepper
combine butter, flour & milk and pour over the top

salt & pepper and bake for an hour
bon appetite!

2) donnie, you are the quintessential milbrat of the blodgospace, are you not? everytime you make friends, you pack up and leave? am i remembering this correctly?

3) april in austin, the texas meat is discussed here

4) zonker, i keep thinking your thought: if you give a blodger some pot pie, then he'll ask you for some punch, if you give a blodger some punch, then he'll ask you for a light...man, that resonates far more than a mouse and a cookie.

5) dax, i got rid of my dots. unfortunately i can't do anything else. i've called on that super freak paul to save me. sorry bout the blinding white. and mister montana, thanks for packing the camo.

and finally, it's nighty night time. boys asleep, wahoo!! i leave you with their favorite lullaby, a shoe special for all you tuesday night scatterbrains...

rock a bye, blodgers, up the river you'll row
lean too hard and in the water you'll go
when the cooler swims, you don't get to eat
so rock a bye blodgers, stay in your seat
sweet dreams

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