September 14, 2005

whole lotta nada...

that's my life... not jack squat going on around here...never fails..i get some linky love from denny and all these new folks come by, and i have nothing to say sorry peeps.. played sick from work most the there late, felt very allergy icky all morning. came home at lunch and passed completely out...woke up around three when the phone rang... red called to tell me she was coming down with whatever i had...really? you feel like playing hookie too? shocksville...i didn't know laziness was i do.

tonight was family fun night...that's shoe code meaning i'm not cooking...ate out, chinese food with the kids and they were horrific..true refused to try an eggroll as he likes eggs and rolls, but the combination turned his go.. alley cat ate nothing.. see the chinese chicken doesn't look like chicken and the rice, doesn't look like rice.. oh well...nothing ventured, nothing stained..i was ok with it..

big day tomorrow...5 appointments by 5...first one, at the starbucks at nine..a morning date with a suit from austin who doesn't mind blowing a ten spot on coffee and a muffin.. i do appreciate visiting city folk, they have such inflated cost of living, i like any appointment that takes place outside my office, breaks the monotony..

off to bed early, my sweets...hope to find my motivation in la la land...keep on keeping on, my blog bretheren...

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