September 15, 2005

three for thursday

my, my...what a day, friends...

i think i shall require a nice looooonggg bath tonight..

my 9 am at starbucks was quite a surprise...a meeting with a new business associate.. he was replacing another guy who used to cover my territory, and since i really liked the old guy, i went reluctantly..

it was overcast this morning, and unbelievably cold and breezy alongside the guadalupe river..i got there early, got a paper and was reading outside when my appointment showed..

turns out, he didn't take my friend's territory, my friend had been covering his...see, he's been a little busy serving our country...a marine!! not just a marine, folks, a tall, handsome, blue eyed, SINGLE, slightly younger, hot hot hot marine!! and we were both wearing blue suits..DAYUM, i was so steamed up, the coffee actually cooled me down...

he was from illinois, where i spent 7 years of my career...we found we had many mutual acquaintances in the chicagoland area.. he told me all about his six months in iraq, and how positive it was.. and an hour went by in an instant, we never got around to talking about money...

the day was like that, all day...didn't think it could be topped, until i got home...what's that? there's a box hanging out of my mailbox...OH JOY!! a surprise...i opened it up and guess what, people?? you never will, so here, i'll spill it..

it was a sheriff's uniform shirt, OH YEAH!! it's tan, two blue patches on either side..i was out of that suit so fast'ld think my pants were on fire...

let me tell you...a fetish is a mighty thing, i was badge heavy in an instant, and the boys completely and justly know, one day you have a sweet loving mommy, and the next, she's officer get to freaking bed...that's right, tonight, new sheriff in town..

finally, with order restored and the kids safely in lock up, i cracked open a full moon pale rye and retired to my room, wearing nothing but my male fantasy encounter, with w, that's commander in chief, talking so dirty to me...mmmmmm...i think he used my favorite word 6 times in one grotesquely unintelligible smirking run-on sentence: entrepreneur

hey, is he reading my blog?

in short, fantasy and fetish can drive you to some wild extremes, my sweets...but please do stay under the limit, or officer yummy here might have to cuff your ass.. and i'm sure, i would enjoy go ahead, take my lead and speed... shoe out

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