September 10, 2005



eric, the straight white guy, is two today...he's my blogfather, he's my mentor, i have never seen him in my life, yet i know he is the straightest whitest manly man i've ever not known...

happy blog birthday eric!! are the it...the numero uno...the man..

when i found your blog, i didn't know what a blog was..i was searching soldiers, camo, beretta...when i found my sweet tennessean marine...instinct took over, i bookmarked you immediately and returned often.. and pretty soon i was spending lots and lots of spare time watching you eat cheese sandwiches, playing pool, toiling in the yard, doting after your sweet wife, playing music for the masses and oh the stories...thanks for the memories..

good times, my friend, extremely good times...i so dig your devoted ass...happy blogday eric, have a drink or three on me...

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