September 07, 2005

number your days...

i hope i am with you when it all comes down, on the day the phones go dead, before the hungry come around...when the big boys lose their manners and the children torch the town...i hope i am with you when it all comes down -guy forsyth

i'm at odds with the concept of natural disaster.. oxymoron? appears to me that nature which costs exorbitant loss gets you the brand..but in reality, isn't nature of "biblical proportions" everyday?

take today for instance...according to iris, we had about a dozen earthquakes in the last 24 hours..oh but no humans were injured, in fact ten of ten polled had no idea..see how blissful nature is..that must be why iris calls them special events instead of natural disasters..

did you know i was a geology major for maybe five minutes at the university of texas? loved it, until it got too scientific..but when it was just field trips and rock licking in the lab, good times.

i guess it's all perspective the time, i liked hanging out in the riverside overhang just under mt. bonnell...looking down the river at the massive erosion and the mammoth rock slabs that had fallen and wishing i could see the giant slabs break away and fall to the river 300 feet below...see it happen..of course, seeing something that great up close would mean certain death, or natural disaster..whatever..

i for one find human disaster to be a more sensible foe...i sit in awestruck wonder of the clusterfuck that is ongoing and of surreal proportions..we poor fallen people, with our control and denial issues...if we can't deal, we fix it...if we can't fix it, deny it...see..everything is just peachy... afterall, i grew up in houston, or new loweeziana, if you prefer..either way, hurricanes are as expected as the beautiful polluted purpley sunsets...they were to every one of those inhabitants in new orleans..

are we getting collectively more stupid as our technology soars? the internet with all it's speed and convenience is only robbing us of time, inflating every second...crunching along so fast we want pop-up fema and instant wireless broadband solutions to everything..fucking unreal expectation..we are a sick, sick people..

and as long as it's still being called natural disaster and of biblical proportions, hear this..damn straight. what is more natural than speaking of end times?

red's cousin is housing a nola family..she went to houston and picked em out, a family of five..they are lovely people..she asked if they're interested in going back to nawlins and which this woman said, "no, not ever..i've been stuck in the projects all my life..god lifted me out and drowned that horrible place in it's own filth... i'm never going back, i'm never looking back. i'm thankful for a new start in this life. i've got a job and more hope for my family than i've ever had before" amen, sister, amen..

god might be trying to tell us something... and it might not be all that bad.. but the human disaster we've all witnessed is proof enough to me that few are listening..

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