September 02, 2005

child psychology

true wrote this story the week before school started this summer..translation:

the speedboat
it was the day of the big boats race. the yacht and sailboat told their friend the speedboat that he would never win because he was too noisy and slow. i have the wind on me alone bragged the sailboat

he's six and he spelled yacht correctly!! and i wish i could write stuff that boy is a genius, i tell ya..

first grade is going is some of true's homework..he was to circle a number and then draw that many there anybody out there without this mother's blinding love that can identify all three??

this is a self portrait true did on the first day of first grade..
the assignment, how do i feel today? i thought this was a disturbing image especially since he said he felt "lonely" so i asked some felt lonely, true? why?
he said, "aw, mom, you know how it is on the first day of look around and you are friends with all these people, but none of your real friends are around..where are they? i felt lonely" wow..i had no idea that was an emotion he even understood..

and finally, here's true's first grade teacher, mrs. fin..ain't she a beaut? she does have red hair and green boy doesn't skimp on the little things, baby..she's super cute in real life..doesn't have enormous feet hands, but i like the whole deal anyway.

hope you enjoyed the childhood escape..

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