September 03, 2005

if ignorance is bliss, then poverty is utopia...

i've rewritten this post a bazillion times. i effing give up..ok?

see my last post? that was about me being in denial, not wanting to vent..but poverty is a state of mind it seems..and our whole country is about to experience a fundamental shift in their individual comfort zones..a million displaced people?

i write all the time and don't that i have mulled over for awhile is that of "deadbeat economics" i don't mean deadbeat dads..i mean deadbeat money managers among us.. for the same reason though, they promise life long love and support, and somehow many never put their money where their mouths are..

this is a NORMAL financial personality in my opinion, and a popular one indeed.. the national savings rate has dropped to under 1%. that's obscene..meaning we spend 99% on all the bullshit..unreal..(these stats are from long before katrina/not impacted yet)

this is me, that means you take care of yourself and your family..the haves in new orleans with the brains and the savings are protected. yes, they have lost their homes likely and their city is never going to be what it was after this..i don't believe..

i certainly don't want my tax dollars going to rebuild the city under the sea..maybe upriver, but read the national geographic issue on the loss of our wetlands and tell me the coast isn't inviting more cat 5 storms to her shores...reading that article last october was my first look at what we're all experiencing now...they called it, didn't they? "it's not a matter of if. it's when"

plus, financial personalities seem to perpetuate themselves..don't let your kids see you save less than 1%..that's worse than being a crack mom...everyone should have more respect for themselves and more concern for their families than to leave them in a lurch the size of the grand canyon...

back to the haves in new orleans...we take care of our own in this country...anyone with assets still owns their assets...and as dr. seuss so aptly said, "with brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose" now THAT'S american can do spirit right there..

i see prosperous but hard times ahead..i have never figured out a successful way to help those who practice deadbeat economics.. poverty is a state of mind, and it comes in every gender and color imaginable.. and as we all experience a shot of it..let's remember..there is an answer..

and the government doesn't PROVIDE shit...we do..hug an american today!! we rock!!

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