August 24, 2005

righting wrongs...

today was wonderful...turnaround story for sure... first, i went and saw my poor sick client at his house...i got to see his home and meet his son..he did not look good, but he was glad to see me..he again started talking about how i'd been to the house several times (today was my first) and how we've been talking on the phone several times every day... i looked at him and said, "darling, you are delusional...don't you remember? you were never that popular...if you were entertaining all the folks you claim to this week, your poor wife would have given up and been long gone by now..." he laughed so hard he actually teared felt so good to make him laugh..i owed him that, at least..

second, i scheduled my mandatory biennial continuing education in houston for friday..allowing me to skip work, mama loves a four day work week...and since i'll be in houston, it just so happens that guy forsyth is having a record release at 6 and then playing at the continental club around 9...wa-hoo!! and the kids get to see their gammie, so everyone is happy..

finally, my sales month ended, and by the sheer grace of god, my hot SRF NRA badass beautiful favorite client called and invested 40 grand at zero hour..pushing me a mere 20 bucks above my lowest income month this year...which means, it was my second lowest month of the year... which rocks!! i was devasted to be hitting a new low, and now i'm not..lucky fucking ducky right here..

now, the one right i'm wronging: my kids are going to have to miss school the very first week of the school year... those bitties in the office better not bring that bullshit about all the funds they lose to absences.. i hate the education beauracracy, it's crap.. i pay my fucking taxes, income and property, so they can take their funding issues up with the freaking NASD..

in short, all is well, and though i'll depart for a long leisurely weekend at home in houston, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ..maybe you'll miss me..

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