August 23, 2005

spare change for the meat market?

ugh, i'm frustrated...

all this thinking about my horrible dates of late has got me realizing that i really haven't had a decent one in eons..

today, i wore my black is my favorite...flared knee length skirt..cantaloupe colored's as summery and fun as a black suit can be.. heels and plenty of exposed toes, fresh pedicure, don't ya know..

when red returned from lunch, i was sweeping our front porch...she went nuts..."what are you doing? you are going to get all dirty.."

i told her i was advertising...thought a show of sweeping on main street at noon would show the passing cowboys i was domesticated..look at me, i sweep, i invest money, you'll like me, ask me out...

didn't work.. still i see gorgeous men everywhere and i haven't a clue how to meet them..any suggestions?? and lay off the raunch, i need some advice i can actually use...ideas please on how to meet a complete stranger that you're attracted to..

or if you'ld rather, how not to scare a man away..i seem to excel at that as well..

either way, this should be fun..

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