August 21, 2005

easy like sunday morning...

quiet as can be in the shoe box this percolating, children still asnooze...HEAVEN..

we are going to church and then i don't know's wide open..ceaseless options..

talk about god things...i've had a little craziness at work of of my clients, in his eighties, fell down and broke his hip...he's ate up with cancer so they sent hospice in to care for him...

call me crazy, but i always thought hospice came in when you were on death's door..i had no idea they helped when you were functioning, just going mad from the medication and lack of mobility..

does anyone know? anyway, my client called me saying, "hey doll, can ask you something and i need you to tell me the truth, have we been talking these last few days?"

"no, sir..your wife was kind enough to stop in and let us know you'd fallen...she's giving us progress reports by phone and we've all been worried sick, but you and i haven't spoken until today"

"funny, in my mind we had talked several times these last few days.. say, i can't get my account up on the computer, can you tell me how much is there?"

i did and gave him a basic review on how the market has been performing lately and then he interrupted me...

"yeah, we talked about all this...didn't we? haven't we just spoken of this yesterday and the day before, several times??"

"no, sir...i'm sorry...we've not spoken...i was really concerned about your fall, but your wife came in and told me you were having a hard time"

"let me ask you something, doll, and i need you to be honest with me....have we spoken these last couple of days?"

ugh, it makes me so sad to see people i've loved and tried to help slip away...i don't know if this one's coming back, ya know? but i feel for his wife..dealing with that paranoia at her age must be unreal...everybody's out to get him, and all she can do is pile on more pills and pray for his peace of mind..

stronger women than me out there..lots to strive for..

peace of mind to all you people, it is a commodity folks, so don't take it for granted..

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